Welcome at Brunner and Degenhardt

Welcome at Brunner and Degenhardt



"...over 50 customers trust in safe EMC-WAFERS from BRUNNER & DEGENHARDT. Save your money now. Only US$ 1.95/piece!"


Moderne Holztocknungsanlagen zum unschlagbaren Preisen

YOU KNOW that kilns and their features nowadays are practically indistinguishable from one brand to another. Chambers made of aluminum, ventilators with IP55 protection, heating batteries made of aluminum/stainless steel and control units with up to six measuring points create today’s European standards. Due to this high level of standardization, many companies today maintain and operate kilns from multiple manufacturers.



YOU WANT to avoid investing excessive amounts of money during times of economic austerity without sacrificing quality.



YOU WILL find the solution within our portfolio. Cost-efficient procurement of high-quality materials, as well as lower labor costs at numerous production locations throughout Asia, guarantee savingsViele Trocknermodelle lieferbar of up to 30% when compared to European suppliers. Permanent quality assessment procedures ensure the continued compliance with all European standardsand provide you with an exceptional drying result.





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